About Restoration Family Services

“Our commitment is to reduce the burdens associated with mental health & substance use disorders. Restoration Family Services takes care in providing you and your family with the most professional and clinically sound professionals in the field.”
Restoration Family Services, Inc.

With over 60 years of mental health and substance use disorders experience Restoration Family Services (RFS) undergoes a criminal background and reference check, along with other important safeguards. Each employee has been selected with close attention given to experience and strong commitment to work with the individuals and their families.

About Restoration Family Services

RFS staff members are expected to observe a professional Code of Ethics, which call staff to be professional, respect the rights, dignity, and value of all clients we serve.



The vision of RFS is to integrate medical, psychiatric, behavioral, mental health, and substance use professionals to collaborate together in providing holistic and patient-centered care.


Restoration Family Services, Inc., mission is to restore families and individuals by empowering, educating, and encouraging each person to embrace their healing with holistic and integrative care.



●  Integrity:  We will be people of our word and our deed and do the “right thing”.


●  Respect:  We will value others for their individual ideas and beliefs.  We adhere to the rule of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.


●  Open Communication:  We will accept other opinions with two way listening and foster a safe environment for communication.


●  Excellence:  We will do our best to seek new ideas and better ways to do things.


●  Accountability:  We will take ownership and accept responsibility for our actions.


Our services include: Collaborative Care Model & Behavioral Health Integration ServicesComprehensive Clinical Assessment, Driving While Impaired (DWI), Military Personnel, Outpatient Therapy, Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program (SAIOP), Company Behavioral Health Integration Training Services and CARF Preparation.

Our values demonstrate our commitment to our mission!