Outpatient Therapy

“Restoration Family Services –Outpatient Therapy
Outpatient Therapy

RFS’s team members are licensed professionals who are committed to providing a healing and restoration to the individuals and families served. Outpatient Therapy Program (OPT) is a program that provides individual and group counseling as well as Comprehensive Clinical Assessment activities and services that are provided at an outpatient program designed to assist adult and adolescent clients to begin healing and learn skills for their daily lives. OPT services include a program consisting of, but not limited to, the following services:


1. Individual counseling and support


2.  Group counseling and support


3.  Family counseling, training or support


4.  Strategies for relapse prevention to include community and social support systems in treatment


5.  Anger Management Skills


6.  Disease Management


7.  Treatment support activities that have been adapted or specifically designed for persons with physical disabilities, or persons with co-occurring disorders of mental illness and substance abuse/dependence or mental retardation/developmental disability and substance abuse/dependence

Currently, RFS is offering
tele-therapy services to ensure
the safety of our staff
and persons served!

OPT can be designed for homogenous groups of recipients e.g., pregnant women, and women and their children; individuals with co-occurring MH/SA disorders; individuals with HIV; or individuals with similar cognitive levels of functioning. Clients may be residents of their own home, a substitute home, or a group care setting; however, the OPT program can provide serves in location that meet the need of the client and the family.