Comprehensive Clinical Assessment

“Restoration Family Services –Comprehensive Clinical Assessment”
Comprehensive Clinical Assessment

A comprehensive clinical assessment (CCA) is an intensive clinical and functional evaluation of an individual presenting mental health and substance use condition that results in the clinical summary of a written report providing a mental health and/or substance use disorder diagnosis. The assessment will be completed by a licensed professional. The Licensed Counselor will determine if client meets criteria for admission and the assessment will include but not limited to:


1.  Client’s presenting problem needs and strengths


2.  A provisional or admitting diagnosis will be determined


3.  A pertinent social, family, and medical history


4.  Evaluations or assessment, such as mental health, substance use, medical, and vocational, as appropriate to the client’s needs

An annual assessment will be performed to determine if the desired outcome or level of functioning has been restored, improved, or sustained over the timeframe.